About Us


About Us

dynamic kitchens & joinery

Dynamic Kitchens and Joinery is made of a team of dynamic, friendly and helpful people who are highly skilled and take enormous amounts of pride in their work. Daniel Bishop is the owner of Dynamic Kitchens and Joinery and brings 15 years of experience in design, manufacture and installation. Daniel oversees every project and with his attention to detail you are guaranteed to get a great job. Daniel takes pride in running a local business, supporting the local community and employing locals.


Let’s begin by saying we have a few values which are vitally important to us at Dynamic Kitchens and they’ll affect your experience with us.

Think Creatively

It means we’ll do everything we can to design, create and install a kitchen, bathroom, cabinetry or joinery you love.

Focus on Solutions

It means you’ll see us work as a team, with the best tradespeople to achieve great outcomes. You won’t hear us complain or moan about jobs being too hard, too big or too small. We work together to achieve a positive outcome always.

Our Clients Satisfaction is Paramount

It means – your satisfaction is our priority. At each stage of the design, manufacture and installation process you’ll be informed and comfortable.

Reputation is Everything

It means – we value our reputation and will do everything we can to ensure 100% satisfaction. We know there can be bumps along the way but we strive to meet your expectations and will continue to work with you to achieve a great result.

You’ll love your project as much as we do

It means – you get the benefit of our experience and expertise. We’ll work with you to develop an innovative design which brings together your ideas and desires and with the benefit of our experience you’ll love your result.